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Rampage V Extreme (non Edition 10) Meltdown/Spectre Bios update

Level 7
As per the title, I see from here Asus has provided only X99 bios (microcode) updates for the Strix and the Extreme V Edition 10. I do not fancy rebuilding my entire system around an Edition 10 purely to somewhat mitigate Meltdown/Spectre as my X99 system has been running happily overclocked and stable for years.

Can I use the Edition 10 bios on my 1st gen Rampage V Extreme mobo? I am completely out of the loop on systems/motherboards these days, and only look into hardware when I do a new build.


I can't believe we are still waiting for this. I am sure that there are more active RVE motherboards out there than ed10 or any other X99 Asus m/b.

Yea this is getting quite frustrating. What the heck is taking so long?

hallowen wrote:
I also hope they issue an update very soon.

All Rampage V Extreme / U311 boards should be given the proper update no questions asked. Lets go Asus, this is why we use you. You are the best, so dont let us down.

Level 9
I am waiting for this too.

me too

Any update from Asus?

I didn't realise the Edition 10 still didn't have an update too.

You don't really want an update yet. It made machines unstable and unusable everywhere. And it does not protect from all attack vectors for Spectre so it's a half-arsed solution that brings problems and doesn't solve one completely.

Randolf wrote:
Any update from Asus?

I didn't realise the Edition 10 still didn't have an update too.

According to this page, the Edition 10 does have a patch in v1901 (all the way at the bottom). Just not non-10 editions.

Level 7
Waiting for...
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What's the rush? The current microcode will be being updated shortly once again as there are some issues. Please stop nagging 😄
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