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Rampage v extreme - new bios 3801

Level 8
I found new bios 3801 for R5E on the ASUS web site.
The release date was 01 Dec 2017. It seems that the change log was almost same but They must have fixed several issues.

1. Change log (from ASUS web site)
- Improved DRAM stability
- Fix Logitech devices issue.
- Fix Intel I211 Lan issue

2. download link:

Level 9
Guys,this bios is for R5E,or it will suit R5E/USB3.1 version too?

MikeAdu wrote:
Guys,this bios is for R5E,or it will suit R5E/USB3.1 version too?

The ASUS website still shows 3701 listed (Win10 64bit) as the latest for the R5E/USB3.1 version.
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Level 7
yepp still this usb problem shutting on/off since 2101.. (y)

WestManiaC wrote:
yepp still this usb problem shutting on/off since 2101.. (y)

I somewhat resolved my usb issues by playing with the USB bios settings Smart Auto/Enabled/Auto. Currently using 1801 with alittle more OC headroom and slightly increased voltages.

Level 8
Hello, im a Newb when it comes to Overclocking. I just turn on XMP and call it a day, is there anything else "simple" i can do/need to do? I have I7 5930K I have the Rampage V Extreme U3.1 im still on 3701 . and to solve USB problems, if you have the room just put a good usb card in. Thanks

Level 7
working perfectly for me.
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Cooler Master V1200 Platinum / CM Storm Trooper

Hi, I resume this topic since I'm experiencing random freeze (about 5 sec) with my R5E and Windows 10 1909, even if I have updated to 3801 (I have a Logitech mouse and keyboard).
No overclock, memtest succesfully completed, clear CMOS and optimzed BIOS default loaded, fresh install of Windows on new 970 Evo Plus SSD (with AHCI Link Power Management on Active).
Any suggestions would be very welcome, since I don't know what to do now... 😞