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Rampage V Extreme Crash and Idles on Boot, No Post

Level 7
So I've had my computer for a little over a year now, overclocked 5820k to 4.2Ghz but I reverted back to the original speeds, and everything was running fine. No crashes, no problems.

But suddenly just last week, my system has been randomly crashing and rebooting, but not rebooting like it normally would, all fans running on max speed for the initial boot up, input signal to the monitor with splash screen, etc... Instead, the GPU and PSU fans are the only ones running when it crashes and reboots. And not just that, it idles and I get a Q-code of 00 with no signal to my monitor. It doesn't seem to even get to the splash. All this while I'm just randomly surfing the web or watch YouTube videos.

The only time I can temporarily fix this is:
- Clear the CMOS with the I/O button (can only do it once, never works if it crashes a second time within 5 minutes)
- Wait 10 minutes with the computer completely off before rebooting it successfull, and even then, it might crash again and I would have to wait another 10 minutes for doing anything.

I've tested out all my RAM sticks, they don't seem to be the problem.
Unfortunately I don't have a second GPU but I don't think that's the problem since it still works.
I'm getting a new PSU tomorrow and will be testing that out. But I did test the one I currently have, even test jumping it underload, it seems to work fine.
I've cleaned my processor and checked the socket to see if the pins were bent, nope, everything there seems fine.

My only conclusion points to the motherboard with some sort of issue.

I also forgot to mention that once I get it to reboot it always tells me to go into Bios setup because "Overclocking failed: Press F1 to enter SETUP" (I'm not even overclocking) or "Enter SETUP to Recover BIOS setting" and if I press F10 "Save and reset" it just crashes again. So the only way to avoid that is by pressing ESC and just going straight to my home screen.

Anyone have advice for me? I've been researching around the web and it seems that for this MOBO, or x99 in general, they're failing to boot after a certain amount of time has past. I was debating whether to go buy a 4th Gen i7 and corresponding MOBO to replace it since they're ore reliable but that would mean I'm tossing nearly $1k out the window, or find a new working x99 motherboard with a built in wifi card since my computer is too far from the modem.

My Setup:
- XFX 750w PSU
- i7 5820k (non-overclocked)
- XFX R9 280 DD Black Edition
- Corsair Dominator Plat 16GB DDR4 2666MHz
- Corsair Hydro H100i
- Asus Rampage V Extreme

Qwinn wrote:
Good to hear. I would recommend updating to 3101, though, as it fixes a couple of potentially significant bugs in 3009. One of those bugs is that the CPU VCCIO voltage can get set to 1.33+ volts by the Auto setting, when it should be 1.05v. If you don't want to update to 3101, I would at least check that voltage and make sure it's at around 1.05v, and if it isn't, set it to be so manually.

Did just that, as you suggested. Thanks for the tip. Didn't notice any high temps prior but why wait. This BIOS update was simple as they typically were until the 3009 came along. Got so cocky I downloaded Win10 ;-}