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Rampage v extreme bios 3301

Level 8
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Just to add my twopence here, I have had at least one random restart every day for the past few weeks. Since upgrading to 3301 3 days ago I have not had one.
The only changes I made from standard was :

set my Ram speed to 2666 to match my sticks.
disable spread spectrum.
switch off wifi and bluetooth.

So three days so far so good.

Level 10
Yes, I wait until M.2 NVMe arrive than I need at least 1302.
SM961 is still not available in Hungary, only SM951 and 950 PRO... they have everything but very slow new things arrive.
I thought to buy in same time and big SATA III SSD and M.2 512GB.
But for M.2 I still need to wait few more days because of that and BIOS update wait.