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RAMPAGE V EXTREME - 99% DEAD (Only centre LED "ROG" and LAN socket led, lights up?)

Level 8
Hey guys

Hoping someone can help with my 99% Dead RAMPAGE V Extreme board.

Background - bought from eBay (i know!)

Board condition - totally immaculate! - I have it stripped down to the bare board (all heatsinks removed) and there are no signs of cracking, torn tracks, swollen caps, nothing ...! looks perfect... i used a make-shift microscope to check it all. The CPU pins are also 100% perfectly aligned.

However, once plugged into a known working PSU Corsair AX860, the only leds that turn on are the ROG (centre heatsink - see pics) , and the LAN socket led flashes. Other than that, the board is dead.

I can tell you the bios chips are fine (cos I removed them and read them and wrote back newer bios files without any problem). So its not a bios issue. Just power.

Would appreciate any helpful suggestions as to how to get it up and running.

Such as , where to start checking it with a multi-meter ...

or, if anyone knows a reputable motherboard repair centre in the UK, i could sent it to?

many thanks

Images of LED's that light up below;



Level 8

I would suggest checking the voltage output of the PSU with a multimeter to ensure it is within specifications. You could also try unplugging all components from the board (including CPU and RAM) and see if you get any error codes on the diagnostic LEDs, which are located near the 24-pin ATX power connector. These LEDs can give you an idea of what component or section of the board may be causing issues.

If you are not comfortable performing these checks, it may be best to take the board to a reputable motherboard repair center in your area. They can perform a more thorough diagnosis of the board and determine if there are any specific issues that need to be addressed.