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Rampage V editon 10 Bios and Boot issues Windows 10 Hangs

Level 7
I really like this motherboard but the booting into windows hanging is making me seriously think about returning it. I am an IT professional with over 20 years experience and this issue is making me crazy. I am on the latest bios for the mother board and the latest version of windows 10 64 bit. The issue is booting into windows 10. The computer intermittently hangs on boot up into windows. The only way I can then reboot is to unplug all of the USB devices. Unplug the power cable and then boot up with all of the USB devices removed. I then plug everything back in and it will then reboot normally for awhile but then again as soon as I update a driver or program that requires a reboot it will hang again. Today I upgraded Pro Tools and rebooted and it hung. I called support and they suggested turning off fastboot. I was excited because this gave me some hope that the problem would go away however after turning off fast boot the PC BSOD blue screens. I am at a loss to understand why this is happening. I am using a Samsung 960 Pro 1 TB internal SSD M.2 drive NVME so the constant rebooting makes windows 10 very unhappy. Not sure what the hell is the problem but if anyone else has this issue or has fixed it, I sure would appreciate some help.

Level 15
What QCODE is being displayed on your DEBUG LED when your system refuses to enter Windows? Also please list your complete system specifications for me. 🙂

I hope you are turning off fast boot in Windows 10 under power options, and NOT in the Asus bios..