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Rampage v edition 10 bios 1003

Level 9
Rampage v edition 10 bios 1003 is out and rock solid

Level 10
Upgraded to 1003 and no issues so far. My cpu temp shows 2c cooler with this bios on the same settings. Maybe something got fixed or maybe broken. Who knows. No problems though.
Rampage VI Extreme bios 1503
Core i9 7980XE @ 4.4ghz all cores
64 gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600
2x RTX 2080 Ti FE NvLink/SLI
2x Samsung 970 Pro 1tb NVME
Corsair AX1600i
Corsair 1000D case
1x Dell U3818DW 38" Curved Ultrawide and 2x Dell S2716DG 27" 1ms GSYNC 2560x1440 144 hz
Win 10 Pro x64

Level 9
That's nice jrmcdou

Level 7
1002 and 1003 do not like my Ripjaws4 running at 3000 or 3200 at all lol. 2800 works thou.
Managed to get 3200 running once with 1.4v RAM and Mode 1.
That said I need to upgrade memory anyway cause it is only a 16GB kit and Ansel Super Resolutions is a pain to edit.
Any suggestions for a good 64GB kit for RVE10? I want to try avoid to much memory tweaking/oc beyond voltage and first timings 😆
Also I know the RVE10 can handle more memory better, but is 4 sticks still ideal or does it work better with 8?

Level 14
GSkill either Trident Z or Ripjaw V 3200 mhz 8x8 14-14-14-34 or 16x4 14-14-14-34
both use Samsung B-die memory chips and have been the best memory kits I have ever used on either X-99 or Z-170
If you are sure you will not be adding more modules than ASUS T-Toplology handles all memory slots filled with higher bandwidth than half the slots filled, if you fill all memory slots you will not be able to lower timings as much and may need a little higher memory voltage a VCSSA voltage

My personal experience, everyone else may have a different experience but these modules have worked with XMP settings on my RVE, RVE-10, MVVIII Formula, MVIII Extreme
I have been able to easily clock them to 3400 MHZ 14-14-14-32-2T with a 6950 BW-E, 3200 with 13-13-13-28 on 5960, 3600 MHZ 16-16-16-32-2T/1T with a 6700K

This has been my personal experience and I cannot guarantee everyone will have the same experience but if you search the net you will find similar results from other users

Level 10
I didn't have much luck with 1003 either.
7980XE on Asus ApexVI
Zotac 2080Ti
Intel 900P
2 x Samsung 950 Pro
EVGA 1600W
Alienware 34"
Samsung 28" 4K

Level 7
Thank you for the great advice and detailed description about memory options. ^^

Level 11
yeah thanks, hoping I also will get those timings.

I just came by to report: with latest BIOS 1003, Realtek driver (Audio section), restarting every time it asks to, and then installing latest HiFi box drivers (Utilities section of these idiots), IT WORKS where it did not work before: my Win10PRO partition. (up to date of course, Anniversary blablabla)

It sound really good (playing Amy Winehouse right now 🙂