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Rampage v edition 10 bios 1002

Level 8
RAMPAGE V EDITION 10 BIOS 1002 is beta up but no info i haven't try yet

Level 13

The saved settings can only be restored to the same BIOS version.

Level 10
Thanks for the clarification Praz.
7980XE on Asus ApexVI
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Alienware 34"
Samsung 28" 4K

Level 13

You're welcome. 🙂

Level 7
Had another go at 1002 Beta, thou result was same. Just loops on BD code.
Tried increase system agent voltage to 1.15 first and then 1.25.
Also tried to increase RAM voltage to 1.375/1.35 Eventual and then 1.4/1.375 Eventual.
If I set RAM speed/RAM voltage to Auto and keep other settings like before, it start without issue.
When I revert to 901 it starts fine with RAM set to 3200 and previous mentioned settings,
have not seen any BD codes with 901 or previous Bios versions with this board. 😆
Not tested on other RVE10 board thou, but it runs on a temporary normal 2133 kit so no point.

Actually the only reason I have set system agent voltage to 1.0 is to prevent GPU´s blackscreen.
I can have it set to Auto and all RAM sticks starts up fine showing 16GB and no BD codes anyhow with bios 901 and earlier.

Level 15
Stick with the BIOS that your system is most stable with. Don't just update to have the latest and greatest. 😉

Level 11
^^^That's why I stay on BIOS 0800. CPU is i7 5930K and I have my 16GB Trident Z RAM @3200 Mhz and set at auto VCCSA and it runs between 0,85 and 1,0 v according to Aida. Runs fine. Ocassionally a "b6" boot halt, mostly solved by another boot (not totally finished "DDR learning" ?). ...

Level 7
True staying with 901 for now, will try later again when it is out of beta or next version ^^

Bumping System Agent Voltage a bit like Craig suggested might help on those (start at 1.0),
another thing to try would be setting DRAM voltage to 1.365 and DRAM Eventual Voltage
to 1.35 (Extreme Tweaker/DRAM Timing Control) or both. 🙂

Level 10
Still on 801 here and running great. No need to upgrade that I can see.
Rampage VI Extreme bios 1503
Core i9 7980XE @ 4.4ghz all cores
64 gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600
2x RTX 2080 Ti FE NvLink/SLI
2x Samsung 970 Pro 1tb NVME
Corsair AX1600i
Corsair 1000D case
1x Dell U3818DW 38" Curved Ultrawide and 2x Dell S2716DG 27" 1ms GSYNC 2560x1440 144 hz
Win 10 Pro x64

jrmcdou wrote:
Still on 801 here and running great. No need to upgrade that I can see.

Using 901 here and it has been so stable. It's the easiest overclocking i have ever had.