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Rampage V 10th Edition Issue

Level 7
Hello everyone - newbie here. I'm doing my first build from second-hand components. I have found a motherboard I really like but it has one issue and that is due to the previous owner installing a custom loop he removed some of the cooling elements from the board to make room for his water block. I have attached before and after pictures.

So my questions to all you fine peeps are:

1) Should this concern me to the point of not getting the board?
2) Is there somewhere I can get a replacement part (like for like)
3) Is there some bespoke way I can achieve the same cooling effect the original component did?

The guy seems legit and he has made some suggestions but I thought I double-check with you guys and see if there was a consensus.

Thanks, everyone! I really hope someone can help me out here - all advice gratefully received!

I see the thread gets lots of views but only one person is replying! Any chance anyone else could help please?