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Ram needs 0.05 more volts on default to post

Level 7
Well tiltle says all, just wanna know why and if there is a fix.

Level 7
Btw i have the Asus rampage V Extreme

Level 8
by "default" you mean default xmp profile or standard jedec profile?
if xmp profile, then it is nothing unusual

Level 13
A bit of addition and clarification to what’s been already said.*
Anything over JDEC stamdard is an overclock. Not knowing any of your specs on what kit you have I can’t go to far in depth. In the grand scheme of things .05 is nothing and could just be vdroop. My ram XMP is 1.35V but I’ve elevated it as far as 1.45V to get more out of it. You haven’t completed your system specs profile so can’t offer much more than it’s not out of the question, some ram won’t run XMP at all if that’s what your are running.**

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i have a 5930k and at the moment 1 stick of hyperx 8Gb DDR4 rated for 1.2 volts on default (which is what im running)