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R5E10 will only boot into BIOS settings after updating BIOS from 1701 to 2101

Level 7
Well as the title says, I updated the BIOS from 1701 to 2101 and now it won't boot into Windows, it just boots into BIOS settings. I've done everything I can think of. I striped it down to just the VID card and 1 stick of RAM and the Samsung M.2 960 Pro. It detects the SSD in the boot menu and is set to boot from it. It also shows the single stick of RAM at 8GB. CPU is 6850K and is showing correct in the BIOS. After stripping it down and having no success at BIOS 2101, I put 1701 on a USB drive and used the flash back, with the USB slot on the back. That went fine and shows the correct BIOS at 1701 but still boots into the BIOS settings. I hit F5 to load optimal defaults, still no go. I called the Asus no-support phone line, and as I thought, it was a joke. They were just having me try everything I've already done. Then at the end they said they've exhausted all trouble shooting and they were done.

So if anyone has some suggestions to try before I replace this POS board, I'm all ears.

As the box sits right now;

Nvidia GTX 1080
Corsair Dominator 3333mhz 8GB @ 4