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R5E10 - Broadwell-E - What is VTT (CPU I/O Voltage)

Level 7

while having fun with overclocking and reading a lot about it, I very often read about VTT which seems to be known as CPU analog/digital I/O voltage. I wonder if this is something that is available for a i7-6850K - Broadwell-E processor because I cannot find anything that looks like the tweaking screw for this one in the BIOS of the Rampage V Edition 10.

Could someone please try to help me getting an understanding about this?

Thanks and greetings.


Level 8
Thank you very much!

Now i found out that the voltages are without OC still to high with the bios defaults.

My system Voltage was 1,160 V (Auto) i set it now to offset +0,001V so it now only 0,865V

VCCIO CPU Voltage was 1,25V (Auto) i set it now to 1,05V

CPU Input Voltage was 1,88V (Auto) i set it to 1,80V.

The RAM Voltage i lowered to 1,20V (its the default for the memory @2666Mhz)

Edit: thanks for the excel sheets - i will try to use them 🙂

Still testing the system with prime95 v2.66 (without AVX).

You're welcome. I'm happy if it helps!

Please do not forget that:

  • I'm still learning about getting a PC - especially with OC - stable and all the different things like voltages, asf. So I'm for sure not a pro in this topic... 😉
  • Your system/CPU might behave differently

Take a look at one of the "*** - Testing - Selective" sheets. It gives you a nice order to see which voltages to tweak in which order.

Have fun!

Level 7
I guess not, no. As long as your system runs stable I guess it can't be that wrong. The part you've quoted is to be considered if you're overclocking your system and only valid if you have problems getting your memory stable. At least this is my personal interpretation of it.

Level 8
Ok, i think you are right. Its more for an OC scenario.

I'am a little bit surprised that the minimum voltages are "ok" for my system.
128GB RAM + 3-way-Titan-SLI - i recognized that with adding each card the voltages rises @Auto.

But not shure if i killed the driver less or equal problem - but this happens only 1 time in 2-3 months.

Hope that replacing the SATA Cables will help^,
maybe my Samsung 840pro SSD is responsible for this error.
I use this SSD without any care of writng rates it must be araound 20 or 25 Terabytes now (512GB SSD with 10% free space all the time).

Level 7
Yes, the same applies to me. I was surprised as well how low I was able to set e.g. the Core Voltage - in fact I was even able to apply a negative offset and it was still stable. But I decided to leave it at a zero offset.

I also had driver less or equal BSODs while tuning the overclocking which turned out to be CPU voltage related.

Regarding the SSD you could e.g. run Samsung Magician to check the drive or monitor it in HWiNFO64. That could give you an idea of the status of the drive.

Did you see the selective template sheet in one of the shares I posted? Following this order of testing components helped me a lot so far to get a better understanding which voltage to tweak/change in order to get the system stable. I would recommend you give it a try.

I also found that running all these test using Prime95 version 27.09 might be the best idea when you intend to use Prime95. It is considerable more demanding than version 26.06 but still not as much as version 28.10. From what I read so far I decided that running version 28.10 which is using AVX2/FMA3 is not needed for me. That is too far away from my real life usage. Instead - once I have the system stable with Prime95 27.09 - I run a long RealBench test. I run it for 8 hours with the maximum amount of RAM selected.

After that I might also run 24h full custom runs ins Prime95, again version 27.09. But passing RealBench for 8 hours is already very stable. I guess this should be enough for "normal" daily usage. How far you want to go in order to know if your system is stable is up to you. I guess there is no "this is the right solution" answer. At least I did not find it so far... 😉

Good luck!

Level 8
Thanks for your help i will came back to this thread asap when i have any news to this.

But for now the first big step is done and i'am learning how the bios works 🙂

BTW: i can check my Maximus VI and RE 4 Black too (if i have enough time).

Level 7
NP, you're welcome!