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R5E10 - AI Suite 3 and Fan Control, Source PCIEX16_1 Slot reporting incorrect temp?

Level 7
Mobo: Rampage V Edition 10

I have 3 fans hooked up to the HAMP fan header with a PWM splitter however the source temperature that the fan curve follows is off. I am trying to get it to follow the GPU instead of the CPU and so obviously I set this to PCIEX16_1 slot which my GPU is installed in the top slot.

However the temp reported by this is not the actual temp of my graphics card, my 980 Ti idles at 46-50 and in AI Suite 3 it says 43c. If I boot up a game and the GPU stabilizies at 67-68c, the temp in AI Suite is still incorrect, showing 43-46c.

Is this fixed in a BIOS update or what's the deal here?

Level 10
I think those gpu temp sensor is somewhere on mobo and not read it from gpu