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R5E USB power loss

Level 8
Since i updated to bios 3101 all has been fine, but for the past few days on random occasions my usb powers off for a few seconds even if iam in game.

If i plug in a external hard drive it and try to open a folder it does it every 5 seconds.

Its very annoying loved my olf Rampage VI extreme never had any issuses but these board has been none stop problems

any ideas

I have tried removing the usb 3 driver and doing a fresh install also in device manager its showing 4 keyboards and two mice wtf

Level 8

You can first make sure to have the latest Windows 10 build installed (10586.420) along with ASMedia latest USB drivers (

Then I'm not sure your issue is tied to BIOS 3101. It's rather a highlight of RVe inherent limitations when it comes to USB implementation (the poorest I have ever seen in my life). You can try the following :

1: Switch USB ports : use the USB 2.0 port for USB 2.0 legacy devices,
2: Plug at mid board some USB 3.0 header and see if that works better,
3: Reduce the number of USB devices connected to your system. It appears there are some limitations in that regards due to the number of endpoints W10 can manage (and they are way too limited),
4: Add a USB 3.1 dedicated add-on card so you have an other working controller,
5: Some will suggest to play with xHCI options in the BIOS but in my experience it never helped.

What are the USB devices you have on your system ? I mean all of them ? How many hubs (inside/out) ? It'll help us figure out if you're reaching that endpoint limit I'm talking about.

Level 8
Razer Headset
Samson Mic
Razer Keyboard
Razer Mouse

never had the issuse before and had the board for 18 months

Level 9
I'm having the same problems as you and i can see it through the leds on my mousepad and keyboard, it blacks out for like 1 sec,and then starts up again.
i have more usb ports in use

1x Razer Blackwidow chroma
1x Razer Deathadder chroma
1x Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma
1x Razer Firefly Chroma (mousepad)
1x HTC Vive

device manager shows 6x keyboard and 2x mouses 😄