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R5E Losing BIOS Settings After power failure

Level 7
As the topic states, the board loses all BIOS settings after a power failure, or being hard switched off via the PSU.

This issue affects both BIOS chips. Here's what I've done so far to no avail:

1. Replace CMOS Battery (Tested as well, 3.3V)
2. BIOS Flashbacked BOTH BIOS chips to 3701
3. Tried a combo of unplugging quite a few things to no avail.

I'm at a loss, every time it comes up after being powered off via the PSU I have to re-enter all of my settings. The only thing it doesn't lose is my system time. This just started happening about 2 weeks ago.

Also worth noting is when the system is running it's rock solid, no stability issues to speak of. Any suggestions?

Level 14
Confirm the CR2032 battery contacts on motherboard are making proper electrical contact. Realign (bend) the socket metals a little, if needed. Scrub them (and the battery) with an electrical contact cleaner.

Remove the battery and completely unplug the PSU (all power outputs to mobo, at least) for a while. 1-2 minutes should suffice, half an hour will definitely get the job done.
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Level 11
Try replacing the battery.

Level 8
hi Chris123NT
It seems like battery failed,make sure CR2032 battery is contacted stably.
You have tried many steps, that finally suggestion may take a RMA service to help check board
any update please share for us follow up,