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"ASUS Welcome" installs out of nowhere - WPBT?

Level 8
Hi there,

I don't know if this is related in any way to the newly released 1601 bios, but I noticed that an application called "ASUS Welcome" keeps installing itself automatically after every reboot pretty much since the exact moment I upgraded to bios 1601.

Apparently this is a Windows Store application that keeps telling users about Windows 10 and how awesome it works with ASUS products.
I find this very irritating as neither do I need this application nor do I want it, and it keeps installing itself over and over again at every reboot after uninstalling.
If this is a program that installs via the WPBT (Windows Platform Binary Table) is there a way to disable this "functionality" somewhere in the UEFI?

Also, did anybody else experience this behavior?

Level 15
That's weird. I'm on W10 as well but I've never seen that program auto install itself. But then again I disabled Windows updates.

Level 14
Go to task scheduler and click on ASUS, you will probably find what ever ASUS service that is trying to install on boot up. Just delete it and reboot.


Level 8
Thanks for the feedback,

the task scheduler just contains the usuals suspects (AISuiteIII and DIPAwayMode - I already disabled the other ones).
I will keep monitoring this odd behavior...

Here is what I did:
- open powershell, and run/type
Get-AppxPackage *asuswelcome* | Remove-AppxPackage

to remove other built-in apps on Win10, take a look at