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Quick question on ddr4 and memory slots

Level 7
Hi guys, so i purchase a g-skill trident Z kit for my mobo, 32gb in 4sticks, 3200mhz cas 14.
I know the motherboard may probably not run the kit at a frequency that high and that the kit is designed for z170.
But i figured buying a 4 sticks kit for dual or quad channel is basically the same, those sticks have to be able to get in sync right?
So, in order to not have any problems i run my memory sticks at stock speed, 2133mhz with xmp disabled, processor oc off course.
But now i have a critical bug i didn't have before, my computer randomly power off and reboot, without this being related to overheat or system load whatsoever\
(i can play at 4k just fine, sometimes the computer power off while in idle or watching a movie).

Thought this was coming from the memory sticks but switching back to my previous ram i still have this random bug.
Little precision though, i did activate the xmp profile for my gskill ram once, it wasn't stable so i put everything back to auto, should i try to default the bios completetly?
Is it possible for memory slots to be faulty and introduce this behaviour?
Gonna do a diagnostic by the end of the week by i wanted to check first.
Have a good day

Level 14
Please list all your hardware to make it easier to help you. If the memory kit is 14-14-14-36 you have a very good memory kit that works great on both Z-170 and X-99, they normally easily do 3200 on X-99, you may have to manually set VCSSA and Vdimm voltages

Level 8
Hi tirrorex, please clear your CMOS and see if the problem persists with your old kit.