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Q code 00

Level 7
Q code 00

my pc all of a sudden have post code error

it boots when it feels like if restart my pc its fine when it runs
but if i shut down my pc i have post code error for ages so i have to turn off the pc for a couple of hours for it to boot

i have done the normal trouble shooting steps , just wondering if i can rma the mobo
very disappointing .......

my name in this forum is nick the greek 1 my email had a few errors thats all . could not be bothered fixing it at this time

ramgage v
i7 5930k
asus 1080ti oc
Gskill rip jaws 4
960 evo m.2

Level 7
this is my real account on the forums just a tad upset
i have the same issue as arnie in the forums with the flickering yellow post light

Level 40
Hey nick the greek....If I remember well from lock stock that should be no´ll have a store room full of spares..:)

Just kidding...sorry to hear you got problems...

What steps have you done....reflashed BIOS / cleared CMOS

Have you tried replacing CMOS battery?

nick the greek 1 wrote:
arnie in the forums with the flickering yellow post light

oh...just seen this...what Arne?...that is not a good sign....

You still in warranty period?

not the cmos battery every other step yes and some

trying to find the receipt found everything else i have not thrown it out
too many pc parts of junk in the way i guess it will turn up

nick the greek 1 wrote:
trying to find the receipt

You can get the atpo and fpo numbers off the box (or the CPU itself) and check on Intel site though that´s based on manufacture date so sometimes is a few months out

Level 40
You could try stripping down the system...even get it out on its box....remove CPU and all power...cmos battery included...overnight and then test....

I have seen one miracle recovery...

yes i did every step but not removing the mobo out yet
i bought a second hand rampage v on ebay
this is the only pc i have now i tend give them away to friends and family

Level 7
i have stripped down everything have not removed the mobo out yet re seated the cpu
i bought a ramgage v on ebay for 250 aus dollars it will turn up next week
i should stop giving my older pc away for free to friends and family
still want to rma the board out of principal

Level 7
sorry for the double post
i did get the board early so ill find the receipt and have chat with asus and go from there

Level 40
Hmmm well it could be either CPU or board you know...did you test another cpu in the board?