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Problem with RVE10: no sata drives are recognised

Level 7
I am facing a problem with my SATA ports. No matter how I route the supply to my HDD (a sata/3) and my LG BH16 BD burner, and no matter which port I use, the bios will never recognise any of the two as sata devices.
Among things I tried: disable fast boot, enable 4G encoding, setting for IDE/RAID one of both controllers.
Nothing helps.*

What is also weird is that the BD burner light does not light up as if it gets no power. However, I have swapped supply routes with others connected to USB panels or fans (that were working) to no avail.

My Built is based a 6900k, EVGA 1080 hybrid, Samsung 960 EVO, H115i cpu cooler, Phanteks Primo case/fan hub, NXZT internal usb hub. *the Mobo is powered by all three connectors but not the additional molex at the bottom (since I am not going dual card). The M.2 drive works without problems and i could easily put windows on it, which does not see any sata as well.
One different from the advised set-up is that my video card is in slot 3 and not 1, since I do not like it sitting on my M.2 drive.*

Level 9
This is strange for me.Maybe BIOS reinstall would help?

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I was suggested to try and clear the cmos, but it did not help

** PS: My bios is 0801

I removed also the SSD, just i case. Only difference is that I get an orange light one (I guess it is because there is no boot_device)

I have also flashed a new bios (1003). Still no sata*

Level 9
When LG burner is connected and you press the open/close button,does it open a CD tray?

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Nope. In fact i have taken a second PSU to test things and it looks that 850w might not be enough. Kind of surprising, must be the two water coolers (cpu and gpu)
So I am trying to fit to supplies or a 1500w one and see if this solves everything.*

Level 9
It could be the issue.Install more powerful PSU and we will see.
Actually you could connect another PSU to these SATA devices and see if BIOS will see them.
Just shorten pins 4 (must be green)and 6 (black) in 24 pin plug to start up additional PSU before you start main PSU.And SATA devices must be connected to motherboard (data cables).
After go to bios and check if SATA devices appear.
If so,then change PSU.
I have 1500w PSU but still having 350W PSU for liquid cooling only.

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Level 9

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Holy cow!
I did connect a second 410 to the pc next to the 850 and the drives worked. I just got a 1500 and I will put that one in ... if it fails, I will try and find space for two PSU and (above all) a way to get the second cord out. Luckily the Priko case is massive!*

Level 9
I think 1500 will be enough.
As for my second PSU,I did this because:
A:pump is external
B:easy to check leaks while main PSU is OFF
I installed Corsair Link for my 1500w PSU and while gaming it shows only 500 watts consumed.

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