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Ping Problem with wireless antennia!

Level 7
İ have Asus Rampage V Extreme motherboard with 5930k and 16 GB 4x4 Kingston RAM 3000mhz.So i have used wifi antennia to connect internet but i have too much ping-lag on games and whenever i click some website it is opening after 3 sec.My internet speed is 25 megabit, when i check ping with Ookla or something it shows 10-15 ping.whenever i played dota i see 200-500 pings.There iş no problem with ethernet cable.İ am using game first 3, windows defender has already closed, there is no any malware program.İ am using Windows 10 Pro.İnternet signal power about %80-%90 just one wall in between them.İ updated my bios 1601 and also all drivers up to date.İ am really confused about that pls help me.My old laptop has 35-40 ping.

İ tried İt before, formatted PC many times, used win 7, win 8.1, win 10.Still same.Tell me something different pls.