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OC Panel Rampage V has no effect

Level 7
Not sure when this stopped working as I don't use it much. After updating BIOS to 3301 and apparently fixing my restart problem I wanted to try some delicate overclocks on my watercooled system. Currently just standard 3500 and 3700 turbo.

However the easy OC button just changes through LVL1, LVL2 and normal but the ratio stays fixed at 37.

If I go to extreme mode I can change the BCLK and Ratio but neither change seems to be passed to the motherboard as CPU-Z shows no changes to clock or ratio.

Are there changes I need to make in the Bios settings to enable and set up the Easy mode levels? There is nothing in the manual and little on line about any settings needed for the panel.

Level 14
the CPU-Z did you test it under load after auto OC?
if the settings in bios is set to down clock under no load it do not go over the set settings, but if load on it it will show the OC it been set to.
best way to OC is to do it manual inside bios, and tweak it so it uses the lowest voltage = low temp, auto OC adds more voltage = more heat on CPU.

Level 15

Level 40
Do you have latest firmware..or at least 0501? Rog connect plus installed...LN2 mode enabled....

Level 13
As Arne mentions, ROG Connect Plus has to be running in Windows. Check in the task manager process tab for asBclk.exe. If it's not there, download and install the ROG Connect Plus package.