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No display after bios reset to defaults

Level 7

I upgraded my pc, a new mb ram and cpu. All old parts were working before. 
mb: z790 strix gaming wifi

cpu: i5-13600kf 

gpu: gtx 1080 (next upgrade)

ram: Teamgroup 7800 ddr5

psu: evga 1000 watt gold

storage: Corsair nvme, Samsung evo pro ssd, 2 old HDDs

When I booted first time it went to the bios safe mode, hit f1 expecting to make some adjustment to get the nvme working and set xmp and set display to graphic card mode ect…  saved and reboot, still had problems and didn’t load in to windows. Back to bios and hit reset to defaults saved and reboot. 
now when to starts up, just a blank screen. No signal output and can’t get back in to bios by hitting delete key. Onboard led lights show green on the boot light indicating everything posted fine and should be loading in to windows I think. I suspect the my f sku cpu may be the problem as it has no video output ability and now that I have reset to defaults prehaps the mb is in cpu graphics mode and not automatically switching over to dedicated graphics mode. Any suggestions? My current plan to to switch out gpu with an old gtx1050, try a bios flashback/update, or buy a cheap 12th gen cpu with video to troubleshoot  with.