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Need some help with my set-up around Rampage V

Level 9
Hello guys,

I am intending to get my first tower-pc set-up and I really need your help when it comes to Rampage V mobo and the best possible hardware compatibility/overclocks it produces being stable.

This is my pcparts link:
I still lack the CPU cooler because I don't know what to go with considering my case of choice (Phanteks Enthoo Luxe tempered glass)

Few caveats that i want to add about myself:
-I previously had a gaming laptop, this is my first desktop pc since 2006
-I am going to use this build for gaming, solidworks and rendering.
-I intend to get deep into overclocking and gradually reach the maximum that my hardware allows.
-I intend to get a custom waterlooop as soon as I get enough experience and confidence in my ability with pc building.

Concerning the build that I have:
-Do I need the fan controller? From what I heard, Rampage V edition 10 already has some form of fan control. Is that correct?
-Does the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe provide enough space for all my chosen components and future custom loop? From my inexperienced approximates it does.
-Do the big air CPU coolers fit into this set up if I were to choose something like Noctua D15?
-What RAM should I go with, especially if I want to start overclocking? The maximum OC for Rampage V seems to be 3333Mhz.
-Is there a difference if I go by 4x8 or 2x16 with RAM? Does it make a difference or add any difficulty for performance of the mobo?
-Finally, does my ssd have any compatibility issues with the mobo?

That is a lot of questions, but I will be very grateful for your assistance.

Level 40
The fan control on the RV10E is very good...I have never hankered after much more granular control...I run the fans for a custom water loop on it and have never wanted for anything.

The case I don't have experience with so you will have to carefully check dimensions unless someone has that particular cobo and can chime in

For getting deep into OCing there is nothing better than water cooling. As good as the Noctua air coolers are their top end is quite a bit lower than even AIO water cooling...look at EK stuff like the Predator (i think it's called) or even a basic kit from them.

Look for a single quad channel Kit of whatever size you would like. I would suggest 3200MHz as a sweet spot...maybe 32GB or 64GB depending on how big your renders are. There is a trade off many times between the size of the kit and successfully running high frequencies. 32GB 3200 should be OK but if you want 128GB maybe thing of 2400MHz...that kind of thing.

SSD should be fine...Samsung 960 pro also very good SSD

Big thanks for you reply my dude.

I spend like 15 hours finalizing and researching stuff prior to seeing your reply. Though I am happy that your reply confirmed many important choices on my order.
I dunno what I was thinking about that SSD because 960 Pro 1TB is cheaper, newer, and faster lol. I dunno how I even got to RD400 in the first place.

Somehow I also found the approved QVlist of the RAM sticks supported by the RV10 mobo, and I got the max support 3200 Gskill quad channel.

Now finally, when it comes to cooling, I suppose your encouragement really tips me over. I definitely want to skip something like AIO cpu liquid coolers like the ones from Corsair, NZXT, and etc. I want a cpu cooler that can actually be modular and may be integrated into my future custom loop with other components.
So I do indeed have my sights on EKWB, but I am not sure what exactly to choose among their offerings.

I remember reading the "Predator" model has been recommended the most on various forums, but it seems that that product is now tagged as "End of life".

Another thing that I found is in the "Kit" category. Would this thing basically function the same way for cpu cooling: And it seems like it is composed of the same modules that then may be integrated into a custom loop that incorporates various other components, if i am not mistaken.

Arne you are correct, the fans need to be installed above the radiator in this case except if you are using a very thin radiator, this is the only thing I do not like about the EK Predator, the way the pump is installed hinders installation, I installed an EK Predator 360 in a Primo case and with both rad and fans it comes very close to the motherboard components, motherboard had to be installed first then the Predator, not ideal

Thanks guys, very helpful information. I already sent EKWB a pretty detailed email regarding this issue.

Level 40
Yes, that kit from EK would be a good start...

However you have to plan super carefully with this stuff. The radiator in that kit is a good 64mm thick so will take up pretty much all the room you have at top of motherboard without fans on the lower side of the radiator. There is room to mount fans over the radiator at top of case it seems

So you could do push or pull but not push-pull with that case and seems...not that push-pull is necessary with low fin density radiators. I run push only on my 480s because they are low density fin rads for example.

I would write to them with any queries like this...just to make sure.

Level 14
I purchased a very similar case, the Primo, it is large enough for everything and then some, and it is very heavy, you may run into one issue that I did, the metal plate on the back of the motherboard hits the rubber grommets that are used where power cables pass through the motherboard tray and puts a bind on the board when tightened, you may have to remove some of the rubber grommets so the board can fit without strain.

For memory I have one suggestion for hassle free high speed memory, Gskill 3200mhz cl14-14-14-36, for 32MB get the 4x8 kit, if you want 64MB get the 8x8 module kit, I have used these kits and they easily clock to 3400mhz with a BW-E chip, these kits have been the easiest kits to use in my experience with the least amount of tuning for stability

for cooling, use either an AIO, Corsair h115i or EK predator, etc. 280 minimum not a 240, 360 = better, or get a kit like you mention if you think you may expand later, don't get an AIO with intentions of incorporating it into a custom loop, get a good expandable kit with a 360 (3x120mm fans) or larger radiator, a radiator that uses 140mm fans would be better as larger fans can push the same or more air at a lower rpm