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Motherboard BIOS Firmware update can trigger Windows 10 Inactive

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Not sure if anyone here has seen this but apparently the OP updated the BIOS and upgraded the RAM... result, Windows 10 was deactivated. Hopefully this won't happen with MOBOs from ASUS.

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Chino wrote:
I've done a few BIOS updates since installing Windows 10. No problems so far.

Thanks for the reassurance Chino. I'm still going to wait for MS to get their stuff together (before updating etc.). I'm still salty from them killing TechNet so I really don't want to have to contact them for anything.

Level 40
Changing hardware will result in Windows not being activated. Windows collects the hardware signature of all your PCs components. Swapping out main drive or motherboard is a sure fire way to deactivate...possibly other components as well.

I have just swapped out motherboard because it was malfunctioning. I have had to buy windows 10 since I will likely swap other components since I change my hardware more than my underwear...

Basically there is no free lunch...Microsoft are giving you windows 10 for a while...any future hardware change you will need to buy it...

No BIOS update has resulted in deactivation on the RVE...old board or this new one...

I saw this post on the Windows 10 Forums and will try it soon when I get my RVE.

Quote Originally Posted by DJG View Post
"I just now went through the MB change adventure, as my previous one got fried by the PS. As I understand it after talking to MS Support when the new MB did not activate, when you upgrade the equivalent of the key is based on the current MB. Change that, even for same MB model, and you're no longer activated. So what I ended up doing which worked great is:

1. Made an image of my current Win 10 system drive (I have a 2-SSD raid 0), which wouldn't activate but Win 10 was fully functional.
2. Restored my last Win 8.1 image and let it activate the new MB (it activated after the second reboot).
3. Did a base upgrade of the old 8.1 to Win 10 with the media-tool-created ISO.
4. When the upgrade was finished and Win 10 was activated, I restored my current Win 10 image.
5. My up-to-date Win 10 image was then activated.

Life is good again."

Level 40
Yes, of course you can reinstall win 7 or 8.x and then upgrade again or as is short though...I just bit the bullet and bought because you will have to one day...Win 10 is free for a certain time...and then a hardware change and...none of the above will work....