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Mobo? CPU? or PSU?

Level 7
Hi -

Writing from my Macbook. I can't seem to get my desktop PC to be stable running. It started a few days ago (and a few times in the past with a lot more time inbetween) and one of the following scenarios occur, in no particular order.

1. Most of the issue is where i'll be doing stuff like gaming or something and the PC will just turn off. No error, just off like someone pulled the power plug. This will happen randomly, sometimes a few days in between, sometimes as soon as it starts and it shuts off.

2. Today in particular when I try to get it to run and it finally comes up to windows it'll be just a few minutes when things freeze up and just stays there. Can't move my mouse anymore or type. Just frozen. I have to shut it off. It's even done this when I was in the BIOS; screen just freezes and can't do anything.

I have an asus x99 strix gamming motherboard. It has codes on the board as it boots up that it goes through during the boot cycle. Sometimes it hangs on what seems to be random codes. In other words, not the same code each time. I've seen some of these...

60, 66, 69, 41, just seems to be that it hangs and whatever code is displayed that's where it stops.

Is this a CPU issue? It's the Intel i7-6800k. I have watched temps and under load it's in the 30's. Though, these may be coincidences. Nothing is consistent other than stopping before POST or windows.

Is it the mobo?
Is it the PSU?

I have swapped to different ram, same problem.
I swapped to different ssd and same problem.

So I know it's not ram or ssd. But very difficult to figure if it's CPU, Mobo, or PSU as I dont have spare ones of those lying around to test.


Level 7
Similar problem here. The pc turned off sometimes out of nowhere, restarted and everything ok. It happened 3/4 times until it stopped booting at all without any error code. I thought it was from the Rampage V motherboard but it turned out to be my 6950X just died.