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Maximus V Extreme constant boot issues 19/C9 common

Level 7
Hey all - I always accepted this X99 board setup with 5960x overclocked to be a bit hit and miss on boot - I run it at 4.2-4.6 all core depending on what I'm doing with 16gb DDR4-3600 set to 3200 - it has constant boot hangs at codes like 19 or one other one that doesn't jump to mind - I think C9 - it's always been a little finicky with memory overclocks but even with the ddr set to 2133 it's completely hit or miss with getting past bios. Setting everything to optimized defaults can cause the same issues. If I get to Windows - it runs without a hitch even at 4.6/3200 and has for years. I've always had to accept the quirkiness and boot several times to get in.*

I'm starting to wonder if it's a startup voltage or something that's not quite high enough or something - it runs like a raped ape once in OS - and I can bench/encode/game without issue at fantastic speed.

So is there a common voltage for boot that that I might be missing? Always ran 1.3v for core for 4.6 all core and 4.6 uncore also. No issues. I've run ram at 1.35 and 1.375 - just at a loss you know?*