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LuxMark-x64.exe has stopped working

Level 8
Is this normal "LuxMark-x64.exe has stopped working" i even get it on stock speeds , i did notice also a display driver stopped responding and has recovered


I have tested the overclock for 2 hours and passed even though i am still getting the Luxmark-x64.exe has stopped working

System specs in my Sig

Only thing i have changed is the bios from 1502 - 2001

Level 7
is your gpu overclocked? it usually crashes if your gpu oc is unstable (almost has to be since your driver crashed too). i always run realbench with gpu at stock settings to counter this. i believe some evga cards arent even stable at stock settings. i dont remember which card it actually was. maybe only the driver tho, i recommend 362.00 instead of 364.51

Level 8
I am using the 362.00 driver and my cards are factory overclocked.

So if I pass 4+ hours on Real bench with the Luxmark exe has stopped do I have a stable overclock.

Level 40
Try clean install of display drivers after using DDU.

If that doesn't a fresh RB file and extract new copy...where is the RB file?

Level 8
RB file ???

Level 40

Level 10

If you have an overlay program (afterburner/precisionx) it WILL crash luxmark somehow. I've never been able to pass a realbench stress test with afterburner on. Once i disable it, it's all good for 1-2hours nor problem. So check if you have any overlays working.

Cpu : Intel 5930K@4.25ghz@1.2v / Cache @4.25ghz@1.20v
Cpu Cooler : Corsair H100i
Case : Corsair 780T
Memory : G.Skills 32GB DDR4-3200mhz CAS 15-15-15-35-1T@1.370v
Motherboard : Asus Rampage V Extreme (BIOS 3504)
M2 : Samsung 950 Pro NVME 512gb (Gaming)
M2 : SSD1 : OCZ RD400A 128gb (windows)
SSD1 : Crucial MX100 512gb (data)
Gfx : EVGA Titan X w/ 980 Hybrid Cooling AiO Liquid Cooler
PSU : Antec HCP-1000W
Monitor : Asus RoG Swift

Level 14
I also thought I saw something about crashes in RB related to SLI. I think all of my crashes were due to SLI being enabled. Might try RB with SLI disabled and see what happens.
MZ790A Bios 1402, TG FF4D532G8000HC38DDC01, 13900KS, EKWB D5 TBE 300, Corsair 1600i, Asus Strix 4090 w/ Optimus block, Phanteks Enthoo Elite, Claymore 2, Gladius 3, XG349C, Samsung 990, Windows 11 Pro

Level 8
Never had any of those problems in the past , ran DDU and installed driver 361.75 , also downloaded the latest version of RB 2.43 as i was running 2.41

seems all good now 56612

2001 bios seems to of made my system more stable


cheers all for advice

Level 40
SLI and/or Afterburner/PrecisionX make no difference...I have heard that the OSD associated with them causes RB to crash so just turn that off...