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Lucky thanks to PS/2 port

Level 11
I was overclocking my Strix 980Ti with GPUTweak and did something wrong (specifically I overclocked gpu and ram, and then set a fixed 60 FPS framerate, the program didn't like it twice and reset it back to auto, then crashed my PC.

I tried to fix it disabling GPUTweak with Autoruns... I also saw some AI-Charge entries (which I do not use) and deleted them... OH!

Result was I lost ALL my USB ports on restarting.... so no mouse, no keyboard... I could only do F8 to enter in recovery modes.

I had a hardtime trying... No way after one long day. Until I decided to connect my 30 years old Primax Mouse to the PS/2 port.... and I could fix one after one of the problems.

So it is not bad at all to have it! Thanks ASUS ROG engineers! ;):o