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Lets see some x99 goodness

Level 7
Since haswell e is right around the corner, and its up for preorder on amazon I thought we might get some info on the x99 boards from asus. So I'm selfishly requesting some info on these boards asus.

The Veterant wrote:
Well I think I'm going have to get on the BUS me as well, cause I just read that the i7 5960X is going to be THUNDEBOLT capable, That said I think is time for ASUS comes out with X99 ZEUS board just for me only, cause I know a lot guys don't like this setup but I do ASUS. Bring the (ZEUS X99)

Hehe...the Zeus motherboard, crazy concept 😄
Yeah, the new Haswell-E CPUs and X99 chipset can handle Intel Thunderbolt Technology, all you need is a motherboard ready for it, respectively it needs to have a Thunderbolt Extension card connector or a direct connector on the I/O shield.
All three boards we've seen from Asus so far, does have a TB Extension connector on it, below you can see where they're located:
Thogh I can't tell you, when the Extension card will be available...:confused::rolleyes:
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Level 14
I got the 5960X cancelled, went to Microcenter today and paid $900.00 for it.

Menthol wrote:
I got the 5960X cancelled, went to Microcenter today and paid $900.00 for it.

Cool, Glad they canceled your order.
I had to go ahead and pay a little more since the closest Microcenter to me is in Atlanta, GA

Well holy cow!,1.html
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Would Asus release a Rampage V Formula?
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Ayman wrote:
Would Asus release a Rampage V Formula?

Same here, would be cool to see it, huh?

Level 13
These enthusiast chipsets have a long shelf time so don't rule it out. Don't expect it soon either.