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Just some food for thought

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Some good reading:

...Post # 510 about updating to the newest OROM version:

It's not a problem of ASUS, but of every OEM, that buys a BIOS platform code from independent BIOS vendor like AMI and adapts it platforms of it's own.
Every update costs a decent amount of money, because to integrate and test it, you will need some time of RnD department, QA department, product release team and so on, and all that people have enough work to be busy 100% of their work time, so the strategy right now is "update only to solve problems of current platforms" (I'm smiling everytime see a message like "Update CPU microcode" as the only reason for new BIOS release).
Different parts of BIOS are updating each day, and if you will integrate anything newer than current, you will have 3-4 BIOS releases a day, which will cost you all your money and all your time.
The whole "OROM Updating" thing is not 100% pointless, but it brings too little and costs too much in both time and money, that is why no one, except enthusiasts, will ever bother about it. Much like overclocking, DSDT and P-states optimization, fine tuning and so on.
As BIOS developer, I don't have any time for such things, there are major problems to be solved and new features to be developed, so I'm perfectly fine with any OROM version that just works, be it old or not.
"If you say you can't, then, you probably can't"

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