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Is X99 overkill for single card gaming?

Level 7
I had an Asus Formula VI, with I7-4770k processor, however I decided to bend the f'ing pins on accident when I was upgrading the CPU fan. So, I'm now questioning if I should go Formula VIII and a I7-6700k or strix X99 and an I7-6900K. I never do more than single card gaming, but I absolutely hate bottlenecks of any kind :/. It seems to me that the X99 would certainly protect me from CPU bottlenecks, but it also seems like it may be a bit overkill for single GPU gaming. Any thoughts?

Level 11
List the games you play and the card you would plan to use...
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red454 wrote:
List the games you play and the card you would plan to use...

This and you said gaming, which will be the main purpose of the build?
If so you should consider that a 6900k is probably "slower" than a 6700k in gaming. That is on stock settings - single threaded performance - there is a 500Mhz gap between those two CPUs on turbo.

It all really depends on what you plan to do with it.
If you are going to watercool and OC your CPU you can even out the differences, but for "pure" gaming with a single card I would recommend the Skylake platform - saves a few buck. 😉

Level 10
Today's games with the exception of simulation games are fine with Skylake. If you think you may go multiple graphics cards at some point then right now x99 is the best platform. Simulation games like Flight Sim depend a lot on the cpu so an HEDT processor would give the best experience. If you are just playing shooters and adventure games with a single card then Skylake would be just as good as stated before. On the other side if you ever plan on streaming, youtube video rendering or a lot of multitasking then you should go X99 with as highest core processor as you can afford.
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