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Is PSU too weak for my build? 5960X w/ 4x8GB 3200 and 1000W

Level 7
Build was completed in Dec 15 and worked flawlessly. System designed for overclocking obviously but has only been rarely pushed using the external OC controller but generally running on default optimized bios settings.

About a week ago, it started shutting down randomly and rebooting itself sometimes, other times would stay off and require a manual power on and yet other times, not accept the manual power on until master power off and set alone for an hour or more.

Just before problem started, I added Corsair platinum fans to my RAM. I bought a 4x8 set that only had one fan so finally bought and installed both when I bought the additional fan unit.

I've checked the cables and reseated things. Reset CMOS and bios. Got problem to go away for a few days, then it came back today. Same inconsistent behavior. Restarted itself the first shut down, I manually restarted it the next shutdown a couple hours later, now it has been off for about 4 hours and is unresponsive.

Here are my system specs:

Rampage V Extreme/3.1
i7 5960X
Memory (part number):
Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4-3200 CMD32GX4M4B3200C16
Graphics Card #1:
Sound Card:
Creative xifi titanium platinum
Dell 30" IPS
Storage #1:
OCZ Vertex 4 SSD 256GB
Storage #2:
5TB of hardrives
CPU Cooler:
Lian Li V2120B Tower
Power Supply:
Seasonic Platinum 1000w
Razer Tarantula
Logitech G502
Logitech G330
Logitech 5.1 THX
Windows 10 Pro x64

Is it possible the 2 RAM fans pushed me over the PSU's power capability? 1000w should be enough without SLI shouldn't it? Start replacing cables or other thoughts?

Since I'm not superclocking this...yet...I will in future but don't need it yet since such a jump from old PC....I haven't bothered loading up all the ASUS software. Is there one or more I should install to diagnose my issue or repair? Seems like ya'll mostly using 3rd party memtest and such.

Thanks in advance. CPU temp on OC display until never shows overheat so don't think that is the issue. Usually low 30c range when pushed hard (photo editing, gaming, optimization solves.)


Level 7
thats more than enough if youre not going sli.

Level 40
Yeah, PSU watts is not the problem here. Maybe PSU itself? if you have another about to test I would try...

Maybe switch over to second BIOS see if that helps...if not flash latest BIOS on first chip...

Maybe get a new battery for the board? get the clock being out of time ever that sort of thing?

Thanks all, I appreciate the confirmation that problem lies elsewhere or with faulty PSU. I figured I had enough power for even another GTX SLI down the road.

I did update bios to 2001 during the first time this failed and that's when I got the 3 days grace without a fail so thought it may have resolved problem. Since I was lazy initially and used the "load optimized defaults" bios setting, after digging around this site I decided to try loading the OC 3200 profile along with XMP settings matching my RAM. Took a couple boots but appears stable now. We shall see if problem returns. Fingers crossed! Fiddled with cable routing abit too since read some others had similar probs with cables running near hotspots. Don't think it was an issue here after inspection.

I do know the Corsair RAM fans were a tight squeeze next to the 980ti so thinking some pressure there perhaps but that may be grasping at straws.

Unfortunately, since it was stable for such a long time with the 'optimized default settings' not sure this XMP fix will last but seems like it is more appropriate setting regardless.

Thanks again.

CaneHorn wrote:
tight squeeze next to the 980ti so thinking some pressure there perhaps but that may be grasping at straws.

Actually that is a likely enough culprit...not far fetched Those fans are pretty much not needed...more bling than anything else...

1000W enough for SLI no problem.

I presume you have 8pin and 4pin ATX power fully populated?

Level 15
What I would do is clear the CMOS and test the system at stock clocks to rule out an unstable memory/CPU overclock.

Level 7
I am running 2 x EVGA GTX 980 TI's ACX 2.0+ in SLI, 5930K OC'd, all on a Corsair AX860i (850W), and total system power usage doesn't go beyond 580W under load.

1000W PSU for a single GPU, is overkill.

Thanks all for the input. Yes, all power connections are made and secure. Tried CMOS clear and while it seemed to help restarts when it was one of the unresponsive restart situations, it didn
t seem to have have a lasting affect. System seems stable with no temp issues when it is up and running...then shuts down. Thanks again for confirming PSU is more than ample, that's what I thought.

In addition to changing from opt default bios settings to XPM 3200 matching my sticks, I also pulled the RAM fan that was in contact with GTX off to the side (still under power.)

So far, system seems stable and withstood a couple hours of BlackOps 3 (wife wasn't buying it was for testing purposes only 😛 ) and was up with no issues this morning. Hopefully, I'm all set but problem has gone away before so....

What ASUS or other software is recommended for more in depth testing? I don't suppose there is much you can do to test a PSU? What do you consider must have? I used to load ALL the ASUS utilities as well as third party apps but think they used to cause more problems than solve them with all the glut and mem resident stuff.

TIA! The help is much appreciated.

Level 7
i only install chipset- and usb/sata controller drivers, the other stuff comes trough windows updates anyway. for the asus utilities the only thing i use is ramcache.
this and the realtek/sound driver is pretty much the only thing you need (but even chipset and that stuff comes trough windows updates anyway) i dont install the realtek drivers since ive got a creative soundblaster zxr soundcard installed. but thats just me, some people swear to install everything thats listed, or dont update to newer drivers than listed on the download page from asus.

i just install as little as necessary.

Yeah, that's been my theory on this new build to keep it simple and mainly just install/update device drivers, bios, and windows updates. However, I'm curious about possible test/monitor utilities might assist me in the short term with debugging what is going on with this machine. The combination of the BIOS monitoring and OC panel seems to cover the usual suspects to a degree but I'm guessing it probably makes sense to run some other diagnostics.

TIA all!