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Is it possible to clone copy my C drive then put it on another drive?

Level 8
Hey guys i know this is a more general question than a mobo question but hey we all run similar systems so might get more specific help here 😉

Basically i am getting a new C drive. I have room on a secondary drive to hold a clone/copy of my present C drive. I then want to instal a new physical C drive and then put what i saved onto it and run my C drive from that and use the original after format for something else.

1. Is this possible? What is the best software used to do this?
2. Do i have to remove the original drive or is there a way to format it as the process is being done.
3. I have not done this before, i just thought there must be an easier way than just wiping my original drive and instal windows 10 fresh and start all over again installing all the stuff i want/need on it lol.
All replies to my posts are really appreciated, thank you 🙂

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Level 12
I have used apricorn ez gig software and a usb to ssd before. The cable is like 12.00 at best buy here and software is free. Plug into usb and ssd and run the software to clone your old c drive to the new c drive
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I use AOMEI Backupper 3.2. It's a nice free backup software tool. Just do a full backup, it'll be a system image, then restore it to the drive you want.

EDIT: Hmm, I didn't think about the drive letter. How to make sure the new drive is recognized as C:? You might want to disable the current C: in the BIOS (by disabling its SATA port) after you create the backup and before you restore. Maybe someone else can give better guidance on that.

At worst, you should be able to get the new drive recognized as C: by disabling the others, clean installing Windows 10 on the new one, and then restoring that system backup you made to it.

Level 7
as well as many other backups have used Macrium (which I really like vs say Acronis). I have done image backups and restores, but the clone works fine with no disk id issues so far. Have cloned live c: to another ssd as a backup, and then when it comes to use it in anger, boot to that clone, then macrium onto a new targer, set that as boot, and all good...

Level 8
I usually do a clone with Acronis True Image. That works fine with bit to bit copy and usually prevents any activation mechanisms to kick in. However the one thing you have to be careful about is SATA configuration : if your C:\ is AHCI stays AHCI with the new drive otherwise you'd run into trouble. As for your old "C:\" when transfer is over you can plug it into the system and wipe it the way you like 🙂

Level 8
Thanx guys 🙂
All replies to my posts are really appreciated, thank you 🙂

Overclock results:-

GTX980 @ 1527.5MHz Core/7603MHz Memory