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Intel SSD 750 1.2th 2.5" not recognised on the Rampage V extreme

Level 7
Hi everyone...

Following my thread *here* i managed to find a solution instead of using the*Hyper Kit is an M.2 to Mini SAS HD adapter. *Rather than using the ASUS solution, i purchased a smaller adaptor from serialcables **which *was just enough to clear the GTX1080.

problem is now *the Intel 750 SSD is not recognised within the Asus Rampage Extreme V*bios nor during windows install. i updated bios Version to 3504 enabled M.2 in the on-board device configuration... *still no success ... if there something i am missing? i checked all cables are in place....*


Level 7
You might wan to check your slots and that they are not disabling that M.2.


NiteShaft wrote:
You might wan to check your slots and that they are not disabling that M.2.


Hi NightShift,

thanks for the reply... i placed the cards in slot PCIE_X16_1 ( the first slot) and the other in the PCIE_X16/X8_3 slot
the M.4 shares the PCIE-X8_4 slot, which is the lasat slot on the MOBO and is currently not occupied by any device.. even though in the manual its says you can confiugure the priorty

The system will automatically detect the connected SATA Express or M.2 devices and set
a higher priority for M.2 than SATA Exress interface. The connected device will then run at
PCI-E mode first then on SATA mode. The SATA devices are available when no PCIEx8_4
or M.2 devices are installed.
Configuration options: [Auto] [M.2]


The PCIE_X8_4 slot shares bandwidth with M.2 x 4. When PCIE_X8_4 is occupied,
the M.2 will be disabled.
• The PCIE_X8_4 slot will be disabled when using a 28-LANE CPU.
• The PCIE_X4_1 (gray) slot shares bandwidth with the PCIE_X1_1 slot, USB3_E910,
and SATAExpress_E1 connector. When the PCIE_X4_1 slot is occupied by an X1
or X2 device, the SATAEXPRESS_E1 will be disabled. When the PCIE_X4_1 slot
is occupied by X4 device, both the SATAEXPRESS_E1, USB3_E910 ports, and the
PCIE_X1_1 slot will be disabled.

i have none of these slots blocked as i said its onl;y the X16 slots i use which should not cause any issues...