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I'm scared of plugging my psu cables to the Rampage V edition 10

Level 7
Recently got a brand new Rampage V Edition 10 and a Corsair AX1500i psu but,
i'm pretty scared of plugging the cables to the board because they don't get locked and i'm afraid i'll break something if i push them too much...

Has this happened to anyone else with this psu?
What can i do?

Should i force the cables a little bit more until they get locked, will the RVE10 hold?

For instance the 24-pin which i believe is the worst, followed by the 4 and 8 pin!

ivoencarnacao wrote:
For instance the 24-pin which i believe is the worst, followed by the 4 and 8 pin!

Push and hold the pin and plug them into the headers on the motherboard.

Level 13
They are a bit stiff but this is good and bad. Good in the aspect you are making a good connection and bad that you dont want to push too hard. I usually either slip a finger on the back side of the board or wedge a piece of rubber or the likes between the board and the case to keep the board from flexing.

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Level 9
Yeah,just place a finger under the board and make back force to 24 pin socket while putting in plug.The same with 8 pin and/or 4 pin.

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Level 40
Make sure the cables are seated fully and firmly into their respective headers on the MB. This means fully seated and locked in place.

This should warant firm pressure but may also warant supporting the board so it does not flex.

If it requires an inordinate amount of force check you have things aligned correctly etc. "wiggle" is needed too 😄

Level 11
One of the best ways is to do this while the board is outside the case. I find that in my case some of the cables, especially the 4 and 8 pin are a pain to get in if I have the board in my case. So I plug in these cables first and feed the cables through the grommets and to the back of the case and then lower my MB into place.
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Level 8
Same Mobo and PSU here!

I used a thin card like a credit card (but thinner) and cut it to the size - then i could use all power connectors without scratching the mobo coolers
(for 4pin and 8pin power connector).