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How to Make The OC Panel Work On The Rampage V Edition 10

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The OC Panel is one of the niftiest device that has ever been invented to complement a motherboard. Overclockers love it because it lets them do on-the-fly overclocking without having to go inside the BIOS every single time. Hardcore enthusiasts love it as well since they can monitor the motherboard’s vitals in real-time. Frankly I don’t know how anyone can live without the OC Panel. Well, maybe you can, but do you really want to?

The OC Panel is normally bundled with the highest end ROG motherboards like the Maximus Extreme models or the Rampage models. So I know a lot of you are probably disappointed that ASUS didn’t decide to include it with their limited Rampage V Edition 10. But don't be disheartened. You can probably find users on eBay who are eager to sell you theirs for a minimal price. Getting the OC Panel to work with the Rampage V Edition 10 motherboard is as simple as flashing a specific firmware for it. So let’s do it!

Determining Which OC Panel You Own/Bought

Before we start with the flash process, it is of utter importance to identify which OC Panel you own. Flashing the wrong firmware can brick certainly the device. Upon inspection, original OC Panel has a simple white ROG logo on the cover while the OC Panel II has a translucent red ROG logo on the cover that lights up when the motherboard is turned on.

If you bought the OC Panel from a third party seller, it would be wise to examine the sticker that’s on the back of the device. Better safe than sorry.



Checking The OC Panel’s Firmware

In order to check your OC Panel’s firmware, you need to have it connected to the motherboard and your system must be on so that the device is getting power. Then proceed to push and hold the OK and Clear buttons for approximately 7 seconds. The current firmware will appear on the display.

For the OC Panel and OC Panel II to work with the Rampage V Edition 10, they need to be running firmware 0603 and 0109 respectively. If your device complies with that requirement, then you’re good. If not, proceed to download the Firmware Update Tool along with the firmware that corresponds to your OC Panel.

Flashing the OC Panel/OC Panel II Firmware
This step might be different depending on which motherboard you own. You need to enter your BIOS and disable the Intel xHCI Mode option. This option is normally found under the USB Configuration section in the Advanced tab.


After you’ve disabled the option, press F10 to save your changes and exit the BIOS. Your system will restart and go on to load your OS.


When you’re inside Windows, locate the compressed Firmware Update Tool and Firmware files. Extract both. If you look inside the Firmware folder, you will see another compressed file with a HEX termination. Extract that file into the Firmware’s root folder like the image below.


Run the Firmware Update Tool with administrator privileges. Then click the button and look for the file that has the H00 termination. Click the Start button to initiate the flash process.


The process should finish in a matter of seconds. If the flash is done correctly, you will see the EC_Mode Pass! message at the end.


Time to go back into the BIOS and change the Intel xHCI Mode option back to Smart Auto.


Press F10 once more to save your changes and exit the BIOS. Enjoy your newly flashed OC Panel/OC Panel II on your Rampage V Edition 10.


Level 12
Doesn't help me because I don't own one :P, but nonetheless thanks for sharing this excellent guide. This will definitey be stickied.

Community Admin
Community Admin
Nice work Chino, I might have to take one home for some extensive "testing".
FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Level 8
Nice Guide, I have try to find the OC Panel II Page But have never find it nice

I got only the Frimware that's whas on the Site of the M8E

Wow really cool. I have the Asus Maximus VIII Ranger, will this work via the rog connect my board features? These seem pretty cheap on ebay and have been having a blast overclocking my 6700k.

Coming from X58 platform I was blown away at all the options these new boards have.

Followed your 4.6 oc guide as well! CPU loves 4.5ghz @ 1.38v in adaptive with good cooling. Had an Cryorig H7 w/ dual fans in a NZXT S340 case running fairly decent temps in the 80c in RealBench but wanted a little better cooling. Grab an H100i v2 at Best Buy and temps are better!

Discovered my OCZ/Toshiba NVMe RD400 MLC SSD installed into legacy mode instead of UEFI! Looks like I'll need to reinstall windows and try to get UEFI enabled. OS works fine with the drive in legacy and I am hitting 2200mbs but the drive is not always recgonized on boot. Hope it's due to UEFI/Legacy issue.

Sorry for the rant, love this board & CPU!

Level 15
Yes, the Maximus VIII Ranger has the ROG extension (ROG_EXT) header as well so you can use the OC Panel with it. If possible, get the OC Panel II. 🙂

Awesome! Thanks Chino!

That's the hardest one to find! Tons of cheap older models w/ cables. I did see a few newer models on Ebay that said they had no idea if they worked as they received an bundle of stuff.

However, the LCD panel still has the plastic on it so I hope they're new! May take a gamble on it!

Managed to find a ROG Extension cable for $15 & the OC Panel II for $15 with the OEM plastic still on it...$30 in is not bad!
Can't wait to try it out! Last OC Panel II that I could find, the rest are the first revision. No 5.25" bay on this case unfortunately so It'll be outside permanently.

Picked up a Asus Temp Sensor Wire as well for my one header, be handy checking temps in different places and using it as a fan reference!

Thanks a lot!

Wow what a night, got the OC Panell II, cable, & temp sensor yesterday.

Installed my temp sensor sensor wrapped under the water block, not as long as I'd hoped but it can also be used in the OC Panel to check intake or exhaust air or whatever.

Plugged in the cable to the ROG EXT header & the other into the OC Panel & we have power (way too short of a cable, test bench or front panel only?)

Updated firmware following the guide and everything went smooth......

Read/watched videos to research on how to use it, not much out there.

Temps work & all monitoring values are working but I cannot control system/chassis fan speed & reads 0 rpm. Assuming this is only for the CPU fan and I am using an AIO so that would explain that.

Familiarized my self with the OC Panel and found out numerous times that hitting the reset button will indeed reset your PC lol

Problem I am having is the OC button.....want to have two with my rock steady 4.6GHz & one for testing the limits per say.

Thought I had everything set & hit the OC button....oh wow!

PC booted & restarted 10 times and then refused to turn on completely......uh oh! lol

CMOS clear and luckily back into bios but everything is a mess. My bios settings are not changed but the values are. XMP 3200mhz was on but ram is back at 2134mhz for instance. CPU ratio set at 46 was really 42....

Unplugged everything, took out the CMOS battery, & waited 10 minutes.

Finally put everything back together and now bios & PC are back to normal stock/default settings.

Manually applied my rock steady 4.6Ghz settings in the BIOS, booted into Windows, & found everything working properly.

Plugged the OC Panell II back in and ran stress testing for 2 hours while I streaming on another device, nice to be able to see my temps at all times.

The CPU ratio, voltage, DRAM voltage, nothing changes on the fly as shown in most of the videos I watched. Even tried at stock settings, I assumed the OC button just pulls the motherboards auto overclocking profiles which I assume were terrible since my computer went into a boot loop.

Long story short I see this as a useful monitoring too but I don't think I'd overclock from this. The cable is way too short to be useful on much else than a test bench.

I have the header on the board and can monitor all of my settings but I'm not sure if this motherboard is compatible with this units on the fly programming.

Looks like the Front Base has replaced this for the Z170 board line up?

Got everything for $30 so not too bad but man did my PC take a beating. Finally got M.2 NVMe working and this thing or me caused 34 improper shut downs and shaved 4% life off the SSD! Wow!