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help with temperature

Level 7
Good morning everybody, I have a problem with my pc, recently my workstation started to overheat in idle, as now, with 45 °C !
I've already resetted my cmos to default, but the problem persist!
My configuration:
BIOS -> default 2101
CPU-> i7-5820k
GPU-> strix 960 4gB
cooler-> corsair h100i gtx
PSU-> corsair rm750
ram-> ripjsaws4 F4-3000C15Q-32GRBB

Already tried to switch every bios from 2001 to 3501

Thanks for the support!

PS. i've connected my liquid cooler pump directly to molex with an adaptor becouse of corsair link 4 problem on windows 10

Level 16
OK, then the guide above will be fine...
Please, do not use multiple monitoring softwares, as they may mess up the readings...
Check the voltages and temps in BIOS (before any of the OS and monitoring softwares are loaded).

Level 7
Could be a problem with corsair link and ai suite?

Level 16
Oh, yes! Many people on this Forum had problems with combining different OC'ing/sensor polling softwares.
Not exactly sure about the Haswell-E, but 1.25V and 65C would be my comfortable values...
Just check your BIOS - what is shown there?

Level 9
Isn't the h100i gtx getting its power from the 4 pin on the motherboard and not from a PSU connector?! If so then Check if the fan header you have connected is at full speed and not at pwm or DC operation at it would not deliver the necessary power to the pump and the fans!
Second check if the pump is making any grind noise, even that was a issue with the h100i and not so common with the h100i gtx.

"Optional Extra Step

While the H100i GTX is designed to be as easy to use as possible, you may need to disable fan control on the CPU_FAN header in your motherboard’s BIOS. Consult your motherboard’s user manual for information on how."
From how to install a h100i gtx