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Help with BIOS error

Level 8
So i flashed my bios on wednesday from 2101 to 3101
The problem i have is once pc is shutdown and powered off at the wall. When i turn it back on it goes to dos screen and says

Bios is updating
do not shutdown or reset the system to prevent system boot failure ... it then reboots 3-4 times saying this and then reboots saying

Please enter set up to recover bios
When raid configuration was built, ensure to set sata configuration to Raid mode.
Press F1 to run set up.

Once i have pressed F1 and entered bios then hit F10 the pc boots back into windows.

The usb stick with the R5E.CAP has been removed from the pc incase you think it was left in the rear and keeps trhying to install.
If i dont power it off at the wall the pc boots normal any ideas ???

Thanks in advance


So, you have BIOS 3101 on both chips now?
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red454 wrote:
So, you have BIOS 3101 on both chips now?

no only on bios chip 1 , looks like bios chip 2 is blank as it wont boot from 2 just does the system reboot and switches back over to bios 1 on its own accord .