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GPU loading stalls restarts.

Level 7
Hi all,
have an issue when restarting, been like it for a while and i normally just sigh and do what i need to restart again.
When i restart my system, when it has been active for a while, It loses the video signal for some reason. I see the monitor light start to flash when it stops getting the signal, and it never re-initializes after the reboot. The only way to fix it is turn off the system again, and turn off psu power, wait for system to lose power on the board,turn the switch back on and then restart it again.
i'm using 3101 bios with latest drivers for gpu installed.
I have overclocked my system and it runs stable, Always has. Never an issue when running, just the restart. If i restart again after the next successful bootup it will do it just fine.Only happens when running for a while.

Level 40
snafup wrote:
I have overclocked my system and it runs stable

Hmmm well, restarting from sleep or rebooting succesfully are all part of OC stability too...

If you set F5 BIOS defaults...does it still do this?

Posting up some hardware details would help.

I'm also not clear what "restart" means above...restart from on e of the sleep states? cold boot?....warm boot?