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g skill and xmp settings halved total available memory

Level 7
I have the kit F4-3000C15Q-16GRR from gskill.
I installed the 4x4 sticks and in the bios used the xmp profile. (why not, that's what its for)
Oc 5930k to 4.5.
Thinking all is good ,boot up fine.
Everything seems good but i get the usb 3 drive bootup problem. You know, intermittent post and bootup issue.
Solve that by using a powered hub for power hungry drives.

Just happened to look at system resources today and see only 8 gb memory available.Hmmmm.
Cpuid shows 16 installed but only 8 available.
ada64 shows 16 installed but onlly 8 available.

All in right slots, seated fine.
What the hell, do cmos reset.
Now have total 16 gb available.

Any idea why? Or should i just adjust it myself.

Level 7
Hi all,

Sometimes the simplest things are what works it seems.

I turned off fast boot . Thanks for the responses all. greatly appreciated.

I did input settings manually after a cmos restart.
125 bclk
36 multiplier
1.28 cpu voltage

ddr4 3000 selected
15-15-15-35 2t on dram timings
1.16 v on system agent