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For those who are looking to upgrade

Level 7
Some general info on Intel's latest installment for x99 Motherboards


1500 is certainly expen$ive... But it is nice to see that there is an upgrade path that does not involve a new motherboard.
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Level 8
Sweet no need to buy a new Mobo.

Level 10
Yes 1500$ is very expensive. He should cost 1000$.
In that case small number of people will buy and 10 cores and 8 core processor.
But Intel will decide... Anyway and for 1000$ small number will buy him, but I afraid they will finish with him same as NVIDIA with TITAN Z.
8 cores will not be interesting for 1000$ because there are better models and better model will be too expensive.

Because that's last generation before new socket, new chipset and different memory profile maybe Intel should sell 8 cores for 700$ aand 10 cores as 1000$. 6 cores to stay 400 and 550$.

Level 14
I eagerly await whatever Xeon part is the highest-binned i7-6950X, lol, hoping it'll have 10 cores and 25MB L3 at >3.3GHz - along with Xeon-grade iMCs!

Alas, my mighty E5-1680-3 appears closely comparable to the i7-6900K, and second best just ain't good enough!
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Level 14
I was hoping the extra cache would help in my flight sim despite the extra cash needed to buy it.

Awaiting the benchmarks. May or June? Anyone know?
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