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Error code 19 after every restart. Rampage V extreme.

Level 7
Hi guys. Finally decided to join this forum after reading many useful posts. Thanks!

Today however I have a question to ask. I have a rampage V extreme board, originally with i7 5960X. Te CPU died couple a months ago (error code 00 and tested with another X99 board). Decided to experiment a little and ordered an $120 buck xeon from ebay to test it with. At least to know if the board was originally at fault. Turns out the board works fine and boots with the "new" CPU. However it has something wrong with it. It boots normally every time after a cmos clear (clear cmos button on the board). The computer then works normally how ever long it's on. The problem begins when I either restart or shut off the computer and try to boot it back on. It seems to always stuck at code 19, red CPU light and with no signal to the screen. One cmos clear later, boom it boots normally again. No problems what so ever.

Here is it guys, let me know what you think. Have you had similar problems with your board? Please share your experiences!
(the board is bought used so no RMA for this baby, I'm afraid. 😞

Things I've tried:
-Obviously clearing the CMOS which helps
-Pushed the mem ok button three seconds after code 19, nope.
-Played with the 8 pin connector, nope.
-Different ram order, stick at a time, two at a time, nope.
-Different PSU, nope.
-Tested with BIOS 2, nope.
-Most recent BIOS form asus, nope.
-Bare bones with GPU, CPU, PSU, RAM only. nope.
-No CPU cooler. Strange results, didn't boot but didn't show the wonderful code either.