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Level 7
after many attempts for DTS or full DD 5.1 for Games, I've finally found my issue, line out correctly sets up for 5.1 and decodes the analogue signal on anything played through the motherboard.
Switch to Optical/SPDIFF my amps decode correctly to DTS and 5.1 for Films, games revert decoding to 3d surround played through 5.1 speakers.
It turns out after lots of reading and watching several Hack videos I'm lacking DD live to allow the full potential of Optical digital out.
Creative have addressed this on there sound cards at driver level or the codec can be purchased at
one of the main aspects of this motherboards is supposed to be the sound chip on board saving on additional PCI based sound cards.
Is Asus in process of addressing the SPDIFF issues with Windows 10 drivers to help us get correct Digital sound through optic?
DTS connect option only upscale stereo to multi channel loosing the real surround affect.
Hope this saves someone else the hours of driver installs thinking something wrong with there PC.