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Driver Updates.?

Level 7
I was wondering since the Asus site for the Rampage V Extreme are mostly out of date..

is there any uptodate drivers available?

I'm running windows 8.1 pro 64bit

Level 13

The drives listed at work fine for me. What issues are you experiencing that an updated driver will fix?

Level 14
The chipset in this mobo includes parts made by Intel, ASMedia, and Realtek - any new drivers/firmwares/technologies available for these parts will always be found first on their respective corporate sites.

Drivers, firmware/BIOS updates, and softwares made by Asus/ROG are only available through Asus, of course. I've have seen a few instances of these things appear in random threads on these forums, on rare occassion, but I haven't found anything of the sort which applies to the RVE.

The downloads available on the official Asus RVE product page is about as "up to date" as you can get. It seems that people are anticipating a new BIOS for this mobo sometime "soon" (unless I'm mistaken).

I've learned that you can often find Asus software appropriate for your particular OS on the support pages for other Asus mobos. ROG software seems to run on any mobo which integrates the proprietary ROG chip, regardless which mobo it was (or was not) "officially" released for.

Which specific "outdated" driver/software are you asking about?
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Level 7
well I have a issue with the latest realtek drivers. the sound seems a bit lower than it should be.
I use optical socket to my 5.1. and I have to have my 906z up to have way to hear a whisper on say YouTube or games..

my other issue .. recently not sure what the cause is but. steam seems to launch very slowly.. takes a while till it loads and signs in.

other issue is with my keyboard. I use a corsair k95 rgb and it used to crash my PC and not work as it should have but now seems to have a issue with malfunctioning..

I was wondering if a newer asmedia driver would fix that issue.

there are numerous amount of things that could be updated.. oldest driver on my system is from 2006..

it's 2015 Christ sake people..

Still no 5.1 working..

Level 15
There are some drivers that you can get from the respective websites. But be warned that they have not been tested and validated by ASUS while the outdated ones you find on ASUS website are.

Level 9
Well to be honest, they really need to update their drivers. Wifi driver is still in Beta face and has Always been. not that i've had any problems, but still

Level 9
LdGallifreyan , what speakers do you have? Headphones? Did you increase volume on the speakers/ headphones to max and max out in Windows, and calibrate sound that way?

Legolas wrote:
LdGallifreyan , what speakers do you have? Headphones? Did you increase volume on the speakers/ headphones to max and max out in Windows, and calibrate sound that way?

Well, Logitech Z906 5.1. through optical putting it on 5.1 in the software doesn't reproduce 5.1 as it just pushes sound out of the two rear satellites.
So to make it use all speakers I have to go into the realtek software and change it to 48000 or 92000 to make it use stereo..

Which is not ideal.. but I have been told by ASUS not to use other drivers other than the ones they have on the ASUS site page for my motherboard

Level 7
I'm also sad they don't update their drivers more often. There should at least be a page somewhere with links to the respective places to get the third party ones.