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Download slows when playing offline video

Level 7
My global download speed and wireless connection take a massive hit when I play any media on my Win10 computer. I think it's the ( Wireless drivers

I've been troubleshooting this issue for a year now and I have traced the problem to the R5E on-board wireless. It does not matter what video player I use or what type of file I am playing. VLC, Windows Media Player, Quicktime, YouTube, Twitch, the moment I press play my download speed drops from 50mb/s to 5mb/s at best, until I press pause on the video. It does not matter if the video is streaming or a file on my computer, nor which HDD the file is playing from, nor which program is downloading what (Internet download manager, YouTube, uTorrent).

I know it's the on-board wireless because I have tested this problem by plugging in a PCI-E wireless card and disabling the on-board, the problem goes away. The problem also does not happen when I am plugged in through Ethernet. This is very frustrating because I have a very high end components and a small video playing should not tax my system. Additionally there is no mention of this problem anywhere on the internet it seems.

Does anyone have a reason as to why the WIFI WIN 10 drivers ( are still in beta? and are still the original drivers.

You can see the moment I pressed play on the video my download speed dropped significantly and stayed low until I paused. This was an offline video file.

I provided this to show disk usage, memory, etc..

Level 7
So I identified my issue, not fixed.*

I did some isolation*before my windows reinstall and found the issue only occurs*on my Rampage 5 Extreme on-board wifi when bluetooth is connected. When downloading over*Ethernet or a PCI express wifi card the problem goes away. removal and update of onboard wifi drivers did not fix the issue.*

I reinstalled windows and the problem did come back. But I can consistently isolate and recreate the problem. fricken weird issue. I called ASUS to try and get new drivers or rma or something but they said although the motherboard is covered under warranty, the onboard wifi is not. it is considered an optional accessory. Thanks ASUS, real classy.*

So in summary, the problem only exists when the following 3 conditions are met:

R5E onboard bluetooth connected
R5E onboard wifi connected
video file playing

Wow I feel dumb, just found out R5E shares the antenna for Bluetooth with wifi.

guess that is the solution to all my problems. Smart move ASUS, not to happy about that.

Level 8
Usually bluetooth wifi interference that can cause slower performance or disconnection
and speed slow down , just try to avoid connecting 2.4 or swap to connect 5.0Ghz may solve this.
I have same experience which appears in some specific mobile devices while using BT+2.4Gh wifi