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Dead CPU Rampage V Extreme Unidentified LED

Level 40
Anyone help on this?

I have just had a CPU die on me. It was a rather fine 5960X. It was a good OCer...tested but not benched since it's too hot here at the moment... was running at stock when it died. Switched off fine one evening...dreaded code 00 the next morning.

When I switched on that morning a very bright red LED lit up next to the 4pin ATX connector on the is not listed in the manual....the PCIe lanes also lit up but not the correct ones for the occupied lanes. And indeed one of them was flasing?

Any clue from ROG Illuminati (pun intended) to help me understand what happened?

The LED next to 4pin ATX only lit up on first fatal boot attempt...has not come on since....strange PCIe light behavior has been same.

Not the board...have a new CPU in it now and all working great....


EDIT: 29/Oct

Have replaced motherboard with 3.1 version of same; night and day difference in behaviour; there is definitely something wrong with VRM of affected board and I think it probable given the silence in this and other similar threads that the board killed the CPU by overvolting on startup

EDIT:31 August 2016

In the interests of truth/knowledge...lack of either...

Board worked OK with other CPU, though had slightly strange startup not sure if board VRM was killer or FIVR on CPU was killer or combination or none of the above...

Have seen multitude of similar complaints...but all different hardware, OCing, behaviours etc etc. very difficult to pin down.

ASUS, no comment, which is not on....

Level 7
heh! With all the black/blank screen start ups anytime it could be thinking over voltage warning but not saying anything then you are happy to see anything other than the blank screen and what do you see?

I am using the AX1200i with the rails set to 40A each so IDK, but I do recall many times burning up 4770k's the RM750 doing a click. I only upgraded because I wanted the 0 fan and I gave away the RM750.

Soon I'm going to do some real OC testing and try to burn this stuff out.

Level 11
(This is becoming a classic thread.)
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Level 14
I realize the R5E is a complex beast filled overflowing with all sorts of technological bells and whistles. The much simpler Asus X99-A is a lot less problematic in many ways. So of course the R5E is harder to build and easier to break.

But I am also a little unnerved ... the R5E is Asus's flagship X99 mobo, their pinnacle of enthusiast gaming overclocking powergear ... and it's damned expensive, lol ... so how come companies like SuperMicro can deliver equally capable and complex power delivery on their comparably priced mobos but Asus cannot? Yes, this one failed R5E may not be representative of all R5Es, and yes it was overclocked (as it was designed to be!), but surely Asus must be able to do better than cheap VRMs without any failsafes?
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Afraid the hardware is the same as the support.

Level 8
Q-Code with 00 can mean anything (RAM, CPU, Motherboard) It does not necessarily means that CPU is dead. The PCIe Lane Indicator LED (Located on the top right side of the RAM) will tell you which PCIe slot is occupied with corresponding constant yellow color LED. Was your Q LED fixed on CPU? This Q LED is on the right side of the ATX Power connector on the Asus Board.

I've got more than 12 times this crap 00 error code but my CPU is still working so no way to assume straight away that it is dead. You need to troubleshoot it first. Anyhow, good luck with SOC board.
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