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Cpu slows down but does not speed up again

Level 8
Multiplier is overclocked up to 41 wich gives me a speed of 4300 mhz (105 fsb x 41)

On idle state, after a while, system slows down the cpu by reducing multiplier to 35

I like this feature, it is welcome but I think there is a problem. After the multiplier reduces there seems impossible to speed it up again. I run stress tests which should throttle the OC up again but nothing, multiplier remains 35 and is very stubborn at it 🙂
Could it be speedstep in bios? Or maybe Ai suite program that has some configuration that I dont know about? Ai suite 3 I only use to control the fans, but since I had to install it maybe it is affecting something?

Level 8
I tried throttling the cpu up again with aida64 and with realbench but multiplier stays at 35...

Still does not speed up again, once multiplier decreases wont increase again, not even with prime 95.

Any ideas of the setting that is affecting this?

Level 40

Level 8
well, when I installed aisuite 3 I did not run the 5way optimization, so I reckon the profiles are not active, and I always have "performance mode" active. But when I was getting familiar with the new machine and software I did try the 5 way optimization, but uninstalled aisuite and reinstalled because I thought I only needed the fan control if I was to manual overclock. Dont know if that has any influence on the multiplier decrease problem.

Level 10

Disabling Speedstep/C-states will most probably fix this problem. Is there a good reason why you want them enabled ? ALso like arne said, power plans can be tricky. Try using the Maximum performance one.

Cpu : Intel 5930K@4.25ghz@1.2v / Cache @4.25ghz@1.20v
Cpu Cooler : Corsair H100i
Case : Corsair 780T
Memory : G.Skills 32GB DDR4-3200mhz CAS 15-15-15-35-1T@1.370v
Motherboard : Asus Rampage V Extreme (BIOS 3504)
M2 : Samsung 950 Pro NVME 512gb (Gaming)
M2 : SSD1 : OCZ RD400A 128gb (windows)
SSD1 : Crucial MX100 512gb (data)
Gfx : EVGA Titan X w/ 980 Hybrid Cooling AiO Liquid Cooler
PSU : Antec HCP-1000W
Monitor : Asus RoG Swift

Level 8
Well, having the pc consuming less resources at sleeping hours when there really is not a need for performance is always welcome.
Yes I will try disabling speedstep and cstates but even if it solves the problem it will surely end the economy of resources as well:)

Is the 5 way optimization compatible with the overclock? Or will it override what I did manually ?

Level 40
Might be a case of ai suite interference....something disabling your vrm coled actively...overheating can throttle cpu. Tricky to diagnose.

Speedstep is 100% compatible with ocing these days in normal circumstances...