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Corsair CMD16GX4M4B3400C16

Level 9
Does RVE support the Corsair 3,4GHz RAM? The newest compatibility list doesn't show any Corsair above 3,2GHz.

Level 15

Level 40
I'm pretty sure the RVE is not qualified above 3333 officially...

Extra officially it can of course do it provided your CPU can do it.... which is far from guaranteed

I have an Intel 5960x

Level 40
Sorry Sverre, that's me not being clear..

I don't mean it depends on the doesn't matter what kind of CPU you have. I mean there is a lot of variation in the CPUs could take 2 5960Xs and both of them would run the same at stock and run Intel's stock RAM speed...but then if you OC them or try to run higher frequencies maybe one of them would be able to do it and the other not. Maybe one Overclocks great but has a weak memory controller and can't run fast RAM...or vice versa.

The higher you go away from Intel spec the more likely it is you will have problems and there are not many CPUs that can run high frequencies without having to use a lot of voltage...if at all.

Best bet would be to go for 3200 or 3000 MHz kit if you want fast RAM with a semi decent chance of running it maybe having to tweak voltages yourself...

If you want more guaranteed success with little or no tweaking go lower like 2400