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Computer can wake from naps, but not from sleep

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I recently picked up a pc with a Rampage V Extreme mobo, intel i7 5820, dominator 2800 ddr4 memory (16gb) and an evga geofirce 980 GTX (DP and 2 dvi ports used for 3 monitors total).

The machine is not overclocked, nor do I want to overclock it. I just want it to wake from sleep... running 8.1, it will go to sleep and the power led will blink. If I toggle the mouse or push the power button, then it wakes normally. If I let it sleep for a few hours, (e/g/ 4+), when I return to my office the led light is out, the mouse does nothing, and pushing the power button causes it to wake though it never powers the monitors and then it shuts down, and the cycle repeats.

Things I have tried:
Hibernation is off, rapid start is off, usb slective is off, wake on lan is on (I need this), ASPM is all turned off, shut down monitors = never. .

Most bios settings are on auto, I saw a related post earlier and bumped the v-core from .97 to 1 (didn;t fix anything), so I bumped it to 1.07 this morning.

I am a complete noob at OC, just want a stable machine, any and all help greatly appreciated!

Almost forgot: When I try waking it from deep sleep, here are the codes I get: 25...19...00...25...19...bF -> shutsdown and starts all over again

Yes, running bios 1701...

la528it wrote:
Yes, running bios 1701...

Folks, upping the v-core has worked perfectly... the machine has been flawless ever since. Hopefully this helps future users who are stuck in the same loop as I was the last couple weeks.

Thanks again!

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