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Code 02 and total freeze after waking up from hibernation

Level 7
Hye everyone,

I am having for weeks a problem and cannot find a solution. Everytime I try to wake up my pc from hibernation, I get the code 02 and my pc freezes so that I have
to reset.

The strange thing is that it only happens when I use hibernation. And if I get the pc to hibernate for some minutes or 1 hour, it restarts fine without any problems. The
code 02 seems to appear only when I get to hibernate in the evening and try to restart my pc the next morning.

I also made a couple of stress tests without any problems at all.

My board is an Asus Rampage 5 Extreme. I tried every bios version from 2001 on. Bios is on stock settings except the CPU Spread Spectrum is disabled. No overclocking.

I hope that some of you have an idea how to solve this.

Thank you in advance for your appreciated help.


Arne Saknussemm wrote:
What are your choices?'s rated 2800 right so maybe try that....

Ok, I will try that. Otherwise I have to learn to live with code 02.

Thank you very much for your help.